What is Exert?

Exert Smart Body Coolant® (Exert) is sprayed on the skin prior to any temperature spike. Exert then draws heat away from the skin only during temperature spikes, providing cooling relief when needed most. When body temperature flashes above normal our patented technology “kicks in” and automatically cools the skin by 2-6ºF. When body temperature drops back to normal it quickly recharges and is ready to go again when needed. Applying Exert to the skin reduces the impact of skin temperature spikes by dissipating heat effectively and allowing quicker body recovery. This in turn provides a higher quality of life.

How it works?

Exert Smart Body Coolant® is based on the endothermic melting of specifically chosen ingredients at specific temperature(s) in order to produce measurable and reproducible cooling. These so called phase change materials (PCMs) can be selected and tuned to melt at specific temperature ranges in order to provide maximum enthalpic cooling.

Exert has successfully developed epidermal cooling devices in the form of a cosmetic powder, body stick, lotion, patch and body spray. In real world testing with random subjects, Exert Smart Body Coolant® reduced skin temperature from between 2 to 6ºF and effectively minimized or eliminated sweating caused by hot flashes, hyperhidrosis and physical exertion.

All of these findings and forms are captured in Exert’s patents US8858971, US9084764 and US20130238065.