How do I use Exert?

Simply spray anywhere you experience excessive heat or sweating.

Do I need to apply when I am having a temperature spike?

Not at all. Exert was designed to be applied before you experience any type of temperature spike or flash.

Do I need to reapply Exert throughout the day?

Exert was designed to be sprayed on once to get all day protection. You may have to reapply if you go in water or after showering.

Does Exert feel cold when applied?

Not unless you are having a skin temperature spike. Exert only draws heat away from the skin during temperature spikes, providing cooling when needed most. When body temperature flashes above normal our patent pending technology “kicks in” and automatically cools the skin. When body temperature drops back to normal it quickly recharges and is ready to go again when needed.

How long does one can of Exert last?

It depends upon individual use, but one can typically lasts 4 to 6 weeks for most customers.

Will it stain my clothes?

Exert does not leave any residue or stain clothing. Only apply a small amount.

Does it smell or contain any fragrance?

Exert is fragrance-free. The natural product smell disappears after application

Is it safe?

Yes, all ingredients in Exert are safe for use as described. Exert is for external use only and should not be ingested. Please read and follow all the safety instructions listed on the can.

Does Exert contain any aluminum, heavy metals, or alcohol?

Exert does not contain any aluminum or heavy metals, and is alcohol-free.

I sweat a lot on my back, how can I spray Exert there?

The Exert can is special and can be held in any direction including upside down and function perfectly. To spray your back simply reach around or over and spray.

How does Exert feel going on?

Exert feels slightly oily for the first few seconds after applying and then simply feels smooth on the skin, like a hand or body lotion.

Can I use Exert in place of anti-perspirant?

Anti-perspirants are designed for under the arm or armpit use. Exert can be sprayed anywhere but works best all over the body where heat can be released from the skin.

Does the spray can contain any CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons)?

Not at all! The Exert Spray uses pressurized air that is safe for the environment and does not harm the ozone in any way.

Does applying more Exert make it work better?

No, you only need to apply a small amount where needed (1-2 second sprays) for the product to work best.

Why does the spray not come out or sputters?

Exert is temperature sensitive. Simply place the entire can under running hot water for 10-20 seconds and it should work fine.