Known as a frustrating and difficult skin disorder to live with today, Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex, one of the group genetic conditions called Epidermolysis Bullosa, causes the skin to be very fragile and subsequently blister easily. The blistered area of skin, which contributes to skin loss, occurs in response to minor injuries or friction, such as scratching or rubbing.

For athletes, as well as every day people, this disorder inhibits exercise, general movement, and productivity. Though the signs and symptoms vary greatly across people, it’s near impossible to make it through the day without developing a few painful blisters.

This past week, one woman claimed that Exert, the body coolant spray designed for women going through menopause, was able to control the blistering of her son’s feet during sporting events. Regardless of Exert’s intent, it’s valuable to know that the coolant formula can react with the hot, chafing of skin and slow down the Epidermolysis effects.

If you or someone is suffering from skin blistering, it might be time to consider cooling the skin for sustainable relief moving forward.