Excessive sweating is an actual medical condition today that plagues 5% of the world’s population, or 365 million people, every single day. Also referred to as hyperhidrosis, studies have shown excessive sweating can range from mild to severe, and cause immense, emotional damage, especially in younger individuals suffering from the overproduction of sweat in every setting.

Most people suffering from hyperhidrosis product an excessive, non-thermoregulatory sweat response to emotionally stimulating situations in body regions influenced by the anterior cingulate cortex. Instead of just responding to regular signals from the preoptic-anterior hypothalamus, these individuals have sweat glands that are working over time.

Antiperspirants and other medicines do their best to try and curb the effects of hyperhidrosis. Though it can be hard to manage, many have found that Exert seems to help.

No one should have to endure the side effects of ridicule and attention for sweating through clothing and materials.

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