Hot Flashes

  • Body heat activated – Spray Exert before getting dressed anywhere you know you get flushes (wait 30 seconds before getting dressed).
  • Skin cooling – Exert kicks in and cools the skin by 2 to 6ºF when applied on arms, neck, face, chest and back.
  • Recharges – After skin returns to normal temperature, Exert recharges and is ready to go again without reapplying.
  • Study data – Hot Flash Study with Exert – 89% of the women aged 30-65 reported moderate to high effectiveness in reducing their Hot Flashes*
  • Based on science – Hot flashes for women in the “cool” room were much less intense and shorter duration than those in the “hot” room.

Night Sweats

  • Apply at night – Spray Exert before going to bed and let dry for 30 seconds.
  • No more wet sheets – Exert goes to work while you sleep, defending you from middle of the night sweats.
  • Sleep all night – With Exert working, no more damp sheets or waking up in the middle of the night.
  • Study data – Night Sweats Study with Exert – 100% of subjects reported moderate to high effectiveness in reducing their night sweats*
  • Based on science – Studies have found that in general, the optimal temperature for sleep is quite cool, around 60 to 68ºF.

Excessive Sweating

  • Apply anywhere – Exert can be applied anywhere; palms, forehead, back or feet (for face, spray on hand first and then wipe on).
  • Drug free – Exert cools without harsh chemicals, treatments or medications. Exert is free of fragrances, alcohol, aluminum, parabens or hormones.
  • Stop the embarrassment – Focus on your life instead of sweating.
  • Study data – Excessive Sweating Study with Exert – 93% of subjects reported moderate to high effectiveness in reducing their excessive sweating*
  • Based on science – “Understanding why patients have supranormal sweating of the hands and feet begins with understanding the complex interaction between thermoregulatory sweating and emotional sweating.”

Hot Outside?

  • Temperature sensitive – Exert responds when the outside temperature outside increases.
  • Works with sunscreen – Spray Exert before you apply sunscreen (Exert does not replace sunscreen)
  • Works under clothing – With Exert you can keep your skin covered to minimize sun exposure.
  • Study data – Lawn mowing contractors have found Exert keeps them cool while spending hours mowing grass.
  • Based on science – Wearing an ice vest in warm, humid conditions allowed people to start and finish with a lower temperature than without.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.